Blog link error notice

If you spend time browsing and searching the DogsBite Blog, particularly posts older that 12 months, you will experience links that no longer lead to its original news report. cannot control when a linked news source will alter its original published URL by taking it offline wholly, placing it into paid archives or simply redesigning their core technology. Each action creates a "broken link" (also known as a 404 error) and creates a frustrating user experience.

Best practices in resolving 404 errors from our end is to alter the broken link to point back to that new source's Home page, which presumably will never be broken and maintains, at the very least, who published the original news report. In some cases the broken links are removed all together. This is frequently true with news videos that usually have a very short online lifespan, about 6-months. You can assist us by reporting 404 errors directly to: .