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Nearly all of the dog attack videos contain graphic content, this cannot be avoided. Pit bull terriers -- fighting dogs -- were selectively bred to dominate the blood sport of dogfighting.

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Dominic Solesky attacked by pit bull

911 Call at the Center of the High Court Decision, Tracey v. Solesky

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BBC Dogfighting Undercover

BBC Dogfighting Undercover Documentary

pit bull attacks owner in brazil, video keeps rolling

Pit Bull Brutally Attacks Owner, Police Kill Dog

Pit Bulls Kill One of Their Own

Pit Bulls Attack and Kill One of Their Own

Pit Bull Attacks Male Owner

Pit Bull Attacks Two Men, Police Shoot Dog

Pit Bull Attacks Owner Annette Williams

Pit Bull Attacks, Chews Off Owner's Arms

Pit Bulls Attack Kingsport Horse

Neighbors Pit Bulls Attack, Kill Horse

Pit Bull Attacks Florence Crowell

Pit Bull Attacks Animal Control Officer

Pit Bull Attacks Man in Russia

Police Interrupt Violent Pit Bull Mauling

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Dangerous dogs and dogfighting plague countries around the globe.

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