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DogsBite.org is a national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. We conduct research on the growing, but underreported, public safety issue of severe and fatal dog attacks inflicted by dangerous dog breeds. We champion the rights of victims through our research, education and advocacy.  Learn more about us »  |  Make a donation today »

Dog bite victims

Pit bull attack victim - Jaxson Dvorak

Jaxson Dvorak

Pit bull attack victim - Pablo Rocha

Pablo Rocha

Pit bull attack victim - Willard Norton

Willard Norton

Husky attack victim - Ezra Mansoor

Ezra Mansoor

Victims of severe dog attacks often suffer acute damage, which may require $300,000 to one million dollars in specialized medical care treatment. Reconstructive surgery, such as skin grafts, tissue expansion and scar diminishment, often requires multiple procedures over a period of years. Medical studies show that pit bulls are inflicting the majority of these damaging attacks.

In depth coverage

DogsBite.org contains hundreds of accounts of victims of serious and fatal dog attacks. We examine various aspects in great depth to show the multi-layered dangerous dog breed problem.

Special reports

When combined, the 11 public safety activity types we reviewed -- including dog bite investigations, dog-on-dog attacks, police assistance, and more -- pit bulls consumed over 5 times more animal control resources than the next closest breed.

Review: Five Dog Bite Fatalities Between 2017-2022 Unreported by Media

United States

Review: Three Dog Bite Fatalities Between 2022-2023 Unreported by Media

United States

Breed identification

In 2023, 64% of the dog bite fatalities recorded by our nonprofit had some form of a breed identification photograph. We analyze 2023 breed identification images collected over an 11-year period (2013 to 2023) and summarize each related death.

2022 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs - DogsBite.org

United States

2021 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs - DogsBite.org

United States

Dog bite studies and statistics

DogsBite.org is a comprehensive resource containing the foremost studies and statistics regarding dog bite injuries, pit bull injuries, dog bite fatalities, dangerous dog breed ownership and more.

DogsBite blog

Our popular blog tracks serious and fatal dog attacks and dangerous dog law trends across the country. We also track world trends. Fatal dog maulings, mainly inflicted by pit bulls, occur on every continent.

Dangerous dog breeds and legislation

These two sections of the website highlight the most dangerous dog breeds, pit bulls, rottweilers and fighting breed derivatives, and the types of breed-specific laws cities adopt to regulate them.

Dangerous dogs

Pit bull terriers were selectively bred for dogfighting. This is why pit bulls don't let go once they bite. Learn about other fighting breeds, pit bull owners, the false myths they spread and the danger of adopting a pit bull.

Legislating dogs

Many cities have adopted successful breed-specific laws. View model and noted breed safety laws, mandatory pit bull spaying and neutering laws, and breed-specific policies in military divisions for sample legislation.

About us

DogsBite.org is a public education website about dangerous dog breeds, chiefly pit bulls. We are the primary 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to putting the safety of humans before dogs and the principal source of information on this topic that is not owned, controlled, or funded by dog breeders, dog advocacy, veterinarian or animal welfare groups. We do not receive government or corporate funding; we rely on donations from the public and our supporters -- people like you.