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Monthly PayPal Giving began in October 2007, became a registered nonprofit in 2009 and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity organization in April 2011 (Tax ID: 27-1527147). Learn more about our nonprofit at

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  • Conduct and publish high quality research about U.S. fatal dog maulings, including our annual reports and combined year reports that identify underreported high-risk fatal injury scenarios, primarily involving young children and the elderly.
  • Educate the public, parents, law enforcement, journalists, attorneys and policymakers on the results of our research through special reports, white papers, legislative written and oral testimony, original videos and news releases.
  • Make our extensive research and statistical data freely available to the public, researchers, law enforcement, journalists and dog bite victims by maintaining a comprehensive website of over 2,200 pages and hundreds of PDF files.
  • Track and analyze different types of breed-specific laws and policies, including military regulations and public housing authorities; examine the success of breed-specific laws and provide access to the constitutional rulings that uphold them.
  • Advocate for dog mauling victims to advance preventative policies through amicus brief filings; write public information requests to help victims obtain information after an attack and intervene when there are dog bite victim protocol violations.
  • Provide a platform of high visibility to ensure that victims' voices are heard -- over a hundred reports from local, regional and national newspapers have cited statistical data -- and to provide a venue for sharing and support.
  • Undertake special investigation projects, including deep coverage of severe and fatal dog maulings to share with the public how victims lives are adversely affected physically, emotionally and financially and how the existing system often fails them.
  • Monitor and correct pit bull lobbyists and advocacy misinformation and false myths and act as the primary whistleblower combating well-funded animal "expert" groups that manipulate the truth about dangerous dog breeds, primarily pit bulls.
  • Connect victims to private and public support groups where they can share their stories and endure the aftermath of their traumatic experience with others who have experienced a similar attack or have lost a pet in a violent dog attack.
  • Advise parents who reach out to us after knowingly or unknowingly adopt a pit bull from a shelter and bring into their home. Advise all parties who are afraid to say "No" when a visiting friend or relative attempts to bring a pit bull into their home.
  • Provide legislative and litigation support to municipalities and elected officials by ensuring that the leading scientific evidence and winning legal research and can be easily obtained when adopting a breed-specific ordinance or maintaining one.
  • Assist newly formed nonprofits and foundations that operate under a similar mission as our own by offering consultation and guidance and by sharing state-of-the art knowledge and best practices we've documented in our over one decade past. does not disclose any information about its donors to the public or any for-profit, nonprofit or government entity. Learn more by reading our Donor Privacy Policy.