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State preemption laws prohibit local governments from enacting breed-specific safety ordinances to protect their citizens and pets. Below are materials for advocates fighting state preemption bills.

Background and support materials

Annual BSL estimate

Since 2011, we have maintained an estimate of breed-specific laws across the United States, including cities and counties, military housing policies, Indian reservation policies and countries worldwide with breed-specific laws. Read our 2020-2021 estimate and 2019-2020 estimate.

Charts and graphs

40 Years of U.S. Fatal Pit Bull Attacks in 5-Year Periods (1980 to 2019)

This 40-year chart portrays 5-year periods of U.S. fatal pit bull attacks since 1980. Deaths inflicted by pit bulls have increased by 670% since the 5-year period of 1995 to 1999 | Download PDF

40 Years of U.S. Fatal Pit Bull Attacks

States that Protect Local Control vs. States with Preemption Laws (1998-2019)

This U.S. map shows states that protect local control, allowing local breed-specific ordinances, and states with preemption laws. Please see a state-by-state breakdown of this map.

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