Ways to give ::

There are different ways to give to DogsBite.org. You can become a monthly sustaining supporter, make a single gift, mail in a donation and even raise money on behalf us in a Facebook post.

Single PayPal gift

Make a single gift to our nonprofit on our Paypal donation page. Your gift allows us to continue our core activities of conducting high quality research about U.S. fatal dog maulings, to track and analyze Level 1 trauma center dog bite studies, ensuring this information reaches the public, and educating parents, law enforcement, journalists, attorneys and policymakers on the results of our research. Our work changes hearts, changes minds and prevents new life-altering dog maulings.

Monthly PayPal gift

Become a sustaining supporter of DogsBite by contributing to one of our monthly giving levels, starting at our Advocate level of $10 per month. You can also choose any amount you would like to donate on a monthly basis from our Paypal donation page. Sustaining supporters are the lifeblood of our small nonprofit, allowing our mission and life-saving research to remain constant without interruptions. Sign up today and join the other sustaining supporters of DogsBite.org!

Donate via Facebook

Just like PayPal, Facebook allows the public to donate to tax-exempt charities like ours through their own platform. You can find our Facebook donate button at the top of the DogsBite.org Facebook page. Facebook does not take any of "their own" fees, but transaction fees still apply (the same as PayPal). We are not alerted to these donations until about 45 days afterward. So sadly, we can’t send you a thank you note right away. We hope Facebook changes this policy!

Raise money on Facebook

Any person who has a Facebook account can raise funds for our nonprofit. Simply go here and start raising funds. You can also add the Raise Money button to a new post on your Timeline. This option is a few choices below the add Photo/Video button. Scroll down to Raise Money and select it (red heart icon). When the search box appears, type in DogsBite.org. Then at the bottom of your post, it will say, "[Your name] is raising money for DogsBite.org," along with a donate button.

Donate via GoFundMe

Make a gift at our GoFundMe charity page. You can also start your own GoFundMe campaign on behalf of DogsBite.org or share our GoFundMe charity page on Facebook and invite your friends to give. Charity donations through GoFundMe are made to the PayPal Giving Fund, minus processing fees, and are granted to our nonprofit within 15 to 45 days. After you donate, you’ll get a tax receipt by email. Make a gift to DogsBite.org through our GoFundMe page today!

Donate via Venmo

Any person using a mobile device can make a gift to our nonprofit through our Venmo charity page (@dogsbiteorg). Venmo is a peer-to-peer and consumer-to-merchant mobile payment app that was purchased by PayPal in 2013. Venmo is only available to persons living in the U.S. Desktop users can scan the QR code below to be taken to the DogsBite.org charity page to make a donation from your mobile device. Make a gift to DogsBite.org through our Venmo page today!

donate via venmo

Shop for our cause with ShopRaise

You can shop for our cause through ShopRaise (AmazonSmile was discontinued in February 2023). Visit our ShopRight page, download the mobile app, and choose DogsBite.org as your cause. Choose from the list of retailers and start shopping. There are over 1,000 participating retailers, including large brands like Office Depot, Home Depot, Walmart, Expedia, Walgreens, PetSmart and more. Desktop shoppers can download a browser extension. See how it works.

PayPal Giving Fund - "No fees"

If you would like to donate anonymously or with no processing fees -- 100% of your gift goes to our nonprofit -- you can give to our PayPal Giving Fund page. We are not alerted to these donations until about 30 days later. The PayPal Giving Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to disperse donations to tax-exempt charities like ours and guarantees no processing or transaction fees. After you donate, you’ll get your PayPal Giving Fund tax receipt by email.

Mail us a gift - "No fees"

The other way to ensure that no third party processing fees will be applied to your donation is to donate the old fashioned way. Just mail a check or money order to our address in Austin:

P.O. Box 12443
Austin, TX 78711

DogsBite.org does not disclose any information about its donors to the public or any for-profit, nonprofit or government entity. Learn more by reading our Donor Privacy Policy.