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Nearly all of the dog attack videos contain graphic content, this cannot be avoided. Pit bull terriers -- fighting dogs -- were selectively bred to dominate the blood sport of dogfighting.

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Dominic Solesky attacked by pit bull

911 Call at the Center of the High Court Decision, Tracey v. Solesky

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worst dog bite, pit bull attack ice bucket challenge

Pit Bull Attacks During Ice Bucket Challenge

pit bulls attack man in bronx

Two Pit Bulls Viciously Attack Man in Bronx
New York

pit bulls fight in Petco

Pit Bulls Attack Each Other in Petco Store

body cam shelby police shoot pit bull attacking owner

Shelby Police Shoot Pit Bull Attacking Owner

cleveland heights pit bull attack

Video: The First 3 Minutes After Pit Bull Attack

pit bulls shot by police, attacking dog on skidrow

Pit Bulls Shot After Killing Dog on SkidRow in LA

stanta catalina island pit bull attack

Pit Bulls Attack Man, Dog on Catalina Island

pit bull attacks boy spring valley

Pit Bull Attacks 3-Year Old Boy on Sidewalk
New York

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Dangerous dogs and dogfighting plague countries around the globe.

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