Dog bite victim funds ::

Medical costs and procedures after a serious dog attack can range from tens of thousands of dollars to half a million dollars and beyond. View the dog bite victim medical funds we are tracking.

Medical funds

Matthew Guess attacked by two pit bulls in Arkansas

Matthew Guess
Donate to the Matthew Guess Medical Fund at

Zoey and Paige Woody Medical fund pit bull attack

Zoey and Paige
Donate to the Help for Zoey and Paige Medical Fund at

Felicia Hambrick saves baby from pit bull attack

Felicia Hambrick
Donate to the Felicia Hambrick Medical Fund at

Lucas Harrison attacked in face newly adopted dog

Lucas Harrison
Donate to the Lucas Harrison PICU Recovery fund at

Zainabou Drame pit bull attack victim

Zainabou Drame
Donate to the Zainabou Drame Medical Fund at

Chapel hill boy mauled by two rotteilers

Little Ryder
Donate to the Medical Bills for Ryder Fund at

Remmy Goulart pit bull attack victim

Remmy Goulart
Donate to the Rally for Remmy Medical Fund at

Natalyee Murphy pit bull attack victim

Natalyee Murphy
Donate to City Savings Bank under the Natylee Murphy Fund

Frankie Flora pit bull attack victim

Frankie Flora
Donate to the Frankie Flora Medical Fund at

Kevin Vicente pit bull attack victim

Kevin Vicente
Contact Kevin's advocacy page to learn how you can make a donation

Memorial funds, nonprofits and tributes

David Fear was killed by a police officers dog in grover beach

David Fear
Donate to the Our Hero David Fear memorial fund at

Valentine Herrera died after brutal pit bull attack

Valentine Herrera
Donate to the Valentine Herrera memorial fund at

Daxton Borchardt pit bull attack victim

Daxton Borchardt
Donate in memory of Daxton Borchardt at Daxton's Friends

Sport Kim pit bull attack victim

Sport Kim
Donate to SCARS for Kids to help other child dog attack survivors.

tributes to victims of fatal dog attacks

Angel Days Tribute Page
Visit the Angels Days Tribute Page to see tributes to victims of deadly dog attacks.

kara was killed by a family pit bull in 2014

Kara Hartrich
Contact Kara's mother to see how you can participate in Karas Kloset.