Dog ownership guides ::

Animal behaviorist and author Alexandra Semyonova1 provides safety guidelines for owners of normal dogs and dangerous breeds in two different guides. Each contains 10 rules of thumb.

Normal dogs

Dog Ownership Guide for Normal Dogs

The number one rule with normal dogs is: Build on trust, not on coercion or violence. A dog that fully trusts humans is the dog that is least likely to bite...

Dangerous breeds

Dog Ownership Guide for Dangerous Breeds

The number one rule with these dogs is: Always have a break stick handy wherever the dog is present. This means indoors and outdoors. A break stick can keep you or police from having to kill your dog to make it release if it grips someone...

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  1. Learn more about animal behaviorist and author Alexandra Semyonova by visiting her website, Nonlinear Dogs. Excerpts and several chapters of her book, The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs, are located on her website.