Dog bite victim funds ::

Medical costs after a serious dog mauling can range from tens of thousands of dollars to half a million dollars and beyond. Insurance and dog owners often pay little of these costs.

Medical funds

Randa Westbrook pit bull attack

Randa Westbrook
Donate to any
Wells Fargo Bank under: Randa Westbrook Benefit

Kaylie Foster pit bull attack victim

Kaylie Foster
Please visit Kaylie's website to make a donation to: Kaylie's Medical Expenses

DaMonica Paul pit bull attack victim

DeMonica Paul
Donate to any 1st Source Bank under: DaMonica Paul Relief Fund

Natalyee Murphy pit bull attack victim

Natalyee Murphy
Donate to City Savings Bank under: Natylee Murphy Fund

Amaya Hess pit bull attack victim

Amaya Hess
Please contact Union Federal Bank to make a donation: (317) 269-4735

Meagan Garrow pit bull attack victim

Meagan Garrow
Donate to account #7808251453 at any Wells Fargo Bank

Frankie Flora pit bull attack victim

Frankie Flora
Please visit Frankie's website to make a donation to the Frankie Fund

Alorah Havern pit bull attack

Alorah Havern
Catastrophic Fund
Americo FCU
4101 Main St.,
Erie, PA 16511

Shaylee Crosson pit bull attack victim

Shaylee Crosson
Donate to any
Wells Fargo Bank under: Shaylee Bug Fund

Khalil Rocks  pit bull attack victim

Kahlil Rocks
Donate to any BestBank Bank branch under: Kahlil Rocks

Duane VanLanHam pit bull attack victim

Duane VanLanHam
P.O. Box 1053
MI 48607

Kristi Langston pit bull attack victim

Kristi Langston
Donate to any Bank of America under: Kristi Langston Medical Fund

Patricia Sorensen pit bull attack victim

Patricia Sorensen
Please contact First Bank & Trust to make a donation: (409) 423-7400

Brenda Hill pit bull attack

Brenda Hill
Donate to any Fifth Third Bank under: Brenda Hill Medical Account Fund

Memorial and scholarship funds

Daxton Borchardt pit bull attack victim

Daxton Borchardt
Donate to any Associated Bank: Daxton Borchardt Memorial Fund.

Ryan Maxwell pit bull attack victim

Ryan Maxwell
Donate to the Ryan Maxwell Memorial Fund at F&M Bank, Galesburg, IL

Elsie Grace pit bull attack victim

Elsie Grace
Click here to donate to the Elsie Grace Scholarship for the Arts Fund.

Justin Clinton pit bull attack victim

Justin Clinton
Donate to any Regions Bank: Justin Clinton Memorial Fund