Tom Skeldon: Dog Warden of the Year 2008

Awarded by -- The only U.S. nonprofit organization founded by and operating on behalf of dog bite victims.

Toledo, Ohio (December 16, 2008) -- Tom Skeldon has vigorously worked to prevent horrendous pit bull maulings resulting in serious injuries or death of human beings, their domesticated pets and livestock. As the prevention of these horrific attacks have a clearly higher social priority over other animal issues best addressed by nonprofit animal welfare organizations, his tireless focus on the growing dangerous pit bull epidemic, while enduring relentless unfair attacks by organized groups with both open and hidden political pro-pit bull agendas, has earned Tom Skeldon the justifiable reputation as the most effective dog warden in the United States of America. His dedication to protect the residents of Lucas County and other people across North America through his consultation, education, and testifying for other jurisdictions facing their own epidemic of pit bull attacks, from the shores of the Pacific, to the heights of the Rocky Mountains, and into the colder regions of Ontario, Canada, reflects greatly upon him, the Office of the Lucas County Dog Warden, and all of Lucas County Ohio. Through his efforts, hundreds of communities across the U.S. and Canada are better protected from these inherently dangerous dogs, resulting in the prevention of several fatal and near-fatal pit bull maulings. Therefore, upon this 16th day of December, 2008, hereby bestows upon Tom Skeldon, the Dog Warden for Lucas County Ohio, its award for DOG WARDEN OF THE YEAR -- 2008. will be issuing additional awards for the year 2008 on January 5th, 2009.

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