Launches Maryland Dog Bite Victim Advocacy Web Page in Support of the Court of Appeals Ruling

Individuals and organizations can stay informed by joining the email list and weigh in by using materials provided on the advocacy web page to support the Court's ruling.

Austin, TX June 8, 2012 --, a national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks, launches a Maryland advocacy web page and corresponding email list to support the Court of Appeals ruling that holds owners of pit bulls and landlords financially responsible after an attack. Victims, parents, activists and groups that promote public health and safety and child advocacy are urged to join the email list to stay informed about this issue.

In the days and weeks following the Court of Appeals ruling, pit bull owners and local and national humane groups strongly criticized the Court's ruling. No less than four measures were introduced during the May special session of the Maryland General Assembly to undo the high court's ruling. By May 30th, a 10-member task force of Senate and House lawmakers was announced to study the Court's decision and make recommendations on possible legislation.

Maryland Dog Bite Victim Advocacy Web Page

Materials on the dog bite victim advocacy web page include a brief history and explanation of the high court's decision in Tracey v. Solesky that was issued on April 26th, and a link to the amicus brief provided by on behalf of the young mauling victim. The Court of Appeals of Maryland agreed with the brief. Also included on the page are links to key legislators to contact, sample letters and support materials to download and share via email.

Upcoming media events are also listed on the new web page. For instance, on Friday June 8th at 7:30 pm EST, attorney Kevin A. Dunne, a principal at the law firm Ober Kaler, who represents the Solesky family, will be a guest on the Maryland Public Television program State Circle. Key dates are listed on the advocacy web page as well, such as June 19th, the first tentatively scheduled meeting by the 10-member task force to discuss the high court's ruling.

Visit the new advocacy web page at the below URL to learn more:
Maryland Dog Bite Victim Advocacy

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