Family Sponsoring Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Dangerous Dogs Launches Fundraising Campaign

Support Kaylie's Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Dangerous Dogs by helping the family raise the initial funds to buy bulk t-shirts and candles for the event.

Sacramento, CA June 24, 2013 -- The family of a 3-year old girl mauled by a pit bull last July launches a fundraising campaign to help raise money for an upcoming vigil event. On Saturday October 26, Kaylie's Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Dangerous Dogs takes place in Sacramento on the steps of the state capitol building. In preparation for the vigil, the family launched a campaign on to help raise the initial funds to buy bulk t-shirts and candles. Once those costs are covered, remaining funds will be donated to

Kaylie's family, the Bakers, was unaware of how serious and widespread this problem was until their own child was attacked by a pit bull. The candlelight vigil being held in October has several goals. The family wishes to honor and remember the victims and their families -- both human and animal; to increase awareness of the growing frequency of these attacks; and to raise donations for, an organization that has been a "source of strength and support for the Bakers and for so many other families," states the campaign web page.

The Bakers also hope that people all over the country will be part of the vigil by having a candle lit for their loved ones: friends, family and pets.

The fundraising campaign, Support Kaylie's Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Dangerous Dogs & Get a T Shirt! started on June 22 and will run for just over three weeks -- July 17. Donors have a choice of "perks," for instance, for a $10 donation a person can have an LED candle lit on their behalf during the vigil. For a $30 donation, a person will receive a vigil t-shirt along with a candle lighting at the event. There are six different perks to choose from. Early donations are to help buy the bulk order of t-shirts and candles for the October candlelight vigil.

Help Kaylie's family light up the night with vigil candles on October 26!

Learn more about the vigil:

Facebook event page | Event website

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