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The founder and president of and the primary voice of the DogsBite Blog.

Colleen Lynn is the founder and president of and a veteran user interface designer. In 1995, she began her Seattle-based web design company, and over the next decade worked with a diverse range of clients including Internet startups, retail companies and smart device manufacturers. Colleen Lynn made her first step into social activism in 2007 by joining a grassroots campaign and creating the visual design for the group's website. That same year, after undergoing a serious dog attack, she started this public education website about dangerous dogs. has since grown into a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with active participants spanning the United States. Recently her group submitted an amicus brief on behalf of the young mauling victim in Tracey v. Solesky, which helped move the highest court in Maryland to declare pit bulls "inherently dangerous," advancing the rights of these mauling victims. Statistical data from has been cited in a peer-reviewed medical journal and is frequently cited by media sources. The depth of the website, over 2,000 pages and hundreds of associated PDF files, provides a tool for law makers, media members, doctors, attorneys, dog bite victims and activists to research the breadth of the dangerous dog breed issue. Colleen Lynn has provided written and oral testimony before governing bodies about this issue and looks forward to providing more. Ms. Lynn can be reached at and Lynn Media Group, an Austin-based web design company she began in 2010.

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