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Read heartfelt comments written by victims of dog attacks, advocates and parents about the profound impact and its founder Colleen Lynn have had upon their lives.

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Colleen, I believed all the lies ... I'm sorry to all the victims ... I say this not to virtue signal, but because after seeing what these dogs do, I am genuinely horrified at myself for ever having defended them. I am horrified at the way people constantly revictimize victims for the sake of ideology. I am horrified by all of it; and I am horrified that I took part in it, no matter how small.

Colleen, thank you so much for making this website. You are brave, not in the way the word gets thrown around meaninglessly in our culture today, but actually, genuinely brave and strong spirited.

I admire your tenacity and I can't express the depth of my appreciation towards you for running this site. For helping me be mentally prepared for the reality of the area I live in with my daughter. For bravely exposing the truth and horrors of these occurrences despite what you've been through. And most of all for really standing up against big lobbies for the truth and well-being of others. Thank you!   – Chanell

Colleen, You are a true hero, full of courage and love for others!!! Thank you so much. I am David Fear's sister-in-law, and you wrote the clearest article recalling all that has transpired since his mauling and death. My husband has horrifically lost his best friend and brother. We all are devastated when we consider the horror he went through. His neighbor whom he saved could hear him crying out, "Help! Help! They're eating me!" over and over again. I read the same words in your recount. I am so sorry you experienced that horror, but am so very thankful you are here for all those who lose a loved one or experience the loss of who they were from suffering an attack from vicious dogs, trained or untrained. Sending you a warm thankful hug. We are not alone. There are many who have and will experience the horrific reality of a dog attack and you offer a place for grieving, support, and hope.  – lulumom

Thank you, Colleen Lynn, for the hard and important work you're doing and your journalistic integrity -- it's so refreshing to see facts and logic in action, not just emotions or histrionics.  – EyesOpened

Keep up the great work Colleen Lynn. As a scientist I'm constantly amazed by the wanton disregard for basic statistics that advocates of this breed buy into. Yes, statistics can be skewed if someone cared to one way or the other, but the numbers year-over-year of fatal dog attacks are undeniable. There is just no way to P-test your way out of that one. I'm also amazed at the utter sociopathic nature of pit advocacy as a whole, just such an appallingly self-centered attitude in their groupthink. Thank you for putting together such a large volume of statistical, cited, evidence. Your and Merritt's research shines a light on the glaring lack of concern of the CDC as well as the medical profession in general.  – Molly Thewad

Congratulations, Colleen Lynn! You are indeed a shining light. I come here not only for information, but to be refreshed by your sane voice in a world that seems to have gone mad. Thank you for all of your hard work.  – Farmer Jane

Thank you Colleen Lynn. Your work is so important to so many people.  – Anonymous

Dear - thank you so much for collecting and providing the statical rich data regarding this blog topic. Numbers don't lie!  – Cat and Daisy Lynn Rudert

Thanks again for publishing this essay Colleen Lynn, and for shedding light on all victims of these attacks ... I wanted to commend the people involved with your site for providing the public with undeniable evidence of the organizations and supposed "credible" sources who disguise themselves as canine behavioral experts in order to manipulate and distort facts designed to deceive the public, as well as to thank you for exploiting the overwhelming fallacies presented by pit bull advocacy groups. I also enjoyed hearing about the politicians and animal rights activists who wish to eliminate the amount maulings and fatalities associated with the breed, as well as the shelters and rescues who are not seeking to promote higher adoption rates or misinformation about pit bulls, but are instead striving to reach the day when there are no more pit bulls around to enter their doors.  – Anonymous

Pit bull advocacy fails to realize that the people who speak out for regulation of dangerous dogs, the people they characterize as "haters" are just ordinary folks who probably had no thoughts on pit bulls one way or another. Until, and this is the key point, they became victims of the violence. We pretty much all say the same thing after our attack "nobody should have to go through this, somebody should do something." It comes to us that we are the "somebody" and we demand regulation. Ms. Biniaz is a high profile somebody, and she is courageous to use her status to focus attention on the maulings. Emma's parents are somebody, the Soleskys are somebody. Every parent, and every pet or livestock owner who contacts legislators to demand action, they are somebody, every one of them. Colleen Lynn is a powerful somebody, she shines a light on the need to regulate a known danger. Thank you Colleen Lynn and thank you Miss Canada!  – april 29

Thank you Colleen Lynn ... After my child's attack, your website was the first one that comforted me, because I saw I wasn't only in wondering why, so many why's ... I try to follow in your groundbreaking footsteps, and advocate for victims, thank you for your bravery and continued hard work.  – Anne King

Colleen Lynn is a leader. Nobody wants to lead through an event like a mauling, but Colleen has stepped into a leadership role with great bravery in order to help others. She has provided education to the public, which has been desperately needed on this issue. I can say without question as the victim of a mauling by two pit bulls Colleen Lynn has done more good than she will ever know ... Many thanks Colleen.  – Watcher was instrumental in my recovery. There were NO resources where I live. The media, the dog owners, their family, and at first even the local politicians and law enforcement all treated me like some nuisance they just wanted to shut up and go away. With the information and support I found at this site, I was not only able to get my life back on track but also figure out how to get local laws tightened on dangerous dogs. This site is literally a life saver.  – Dark

Your video is fabulous Colleen Lynn. You honor those who have been injured or died with great compassion. Visually the video is beautiful as well.  – Susanne is the ONLY public forum where victims, and their friends and supporters, can engage in any meaningful dialog about the "pit bull" problem. In all other public forums, the well-organized breeders/dog fighting lobby shouts down victims and their supporters with false statistics, bogus science, and ultimately, threats.  – Anonymous

Colleen Lynn & have provided an essential service to the health, safety & welfare of all Americans for providing the truth and a rational examination of this tragedy.  – Kory Nelson

It took more courage than I have to put this out before us. You are a strong, powerful woman, Colleen Lynn, an inspiration to us all ... Thanks for taking the path you took after your attack, it is serving the world well.  – P.

I am in awe of your hard work and dedication to this cause.  – Craven Desires

I just wanted to extend a very big THANK YOU to the team for all the hard work you guys do to help keep ordinary people safe from these brutes and from those who exploit them for their own personal gain. Your efforts definitely have a positive result and are worth more than you many ever know. Again, many, many thanks to you! :)  – Anonymous

Colleen Lynn, for all of those of us across this country that enjoy your blog and visit your site regularly.....THANKS ... THANKS for all of your dedication and super content you post regularly. Clearly, you are a "godsend" for this cause ... employing common sense laws to regulate this most dangerous creature called the "pit bull".  – Don

Congratulations for taking an active part in informing the uninformed of both the dangers of these dogs and the profound effect on victims of attacks ... Colleen Lynn you are doing a great job, as this is and will continue to be a growing concern. One look at the photos of victims, particularly children, should be enough to convince anyone.  – Bruce D.

You have done so much to speak for victims and to broadcast the truth! Thank you!  – Snack Sized Dog

I want to thank for being there because I have been very lonely since I lost most of one leg in a pit bull attack a few years ago. I was astounded that you just have to follow this site for a week to realize the true scope of this problem. I know all the emotions people are feeling that write in to the site. Why does anyone want a dog that can hurt people to this degree?  – Anonymous

I am a great admirer of Colleen Lynn, her intelligence, her integrity and her strength. I'm awed and deeply touched by the openness and poignancy with which Colleen dares describes what the attack did to her, including the secondary trauma. This is real courage ... Colleen, you make this world a better place in so many ways ... all of us are blessed that you exist and that we may know you.  – Alexandra

I'm using your website to get some laws passed in Florida. Dangerous dog legislation is alive and well here! Yay!!! Keep up the good work!!! It's VERY VERY HELPFUL!!!  – Anonymous

Congratulations, and keep up the good work, Colleen Lynn. I know it is hard and that you suffer the slings and arrows of those that are out to discredit you and all sound and verifiable facts about blood-sport breeds. Why, I even read on a pit nutter site that pit bulls were originally bred to be nanny dogs ... With that type of propaganda being disseminated and being believed, and repeated, you are needed now more than ever!  – FoolMeOnce

I want to thank Colleen Lynn for the great effort, sensitivity, and stark reality of a masterful video. It's very sad to view as a victim yet we watch because all of us want our mauling to be the last mauling.  – Woof

God Bless you DBO, for all you do to disseminate the truth! It is not easy to suffer the slings and arrows of the pc and pit nutter crowd, who may be in the minority, but whose voices are loud and organized, and quick to distort the truth of The Pits. My heart is so gladdened that DBO is a voice that can be "googled" so easily for those who need it most. A kazillion kudos to you, and to those that you have inspired to join the cause.  – Lisa

Beautiful, just beautiful, DBO. I've got it up on my blog already, can't wait to start hitting the nutters between the eyes with it.  – HonestyHelps

Congratulations to Colleen Lynn, a wonderful and brave servant of the public. Her work has certainly saved people from being mauled and offered comfort and information to mauling victims. As one of those victims I can never express my gratitude well enough to thank her for this site, her strength and courage.  – Anonymous

Thank you for such a great website! I have been looking all over the internet for the truth about pit bulls, and yours is the only one I've found.  – Anonymous

Good job DBO! The dogmen and their nutter minions wants these attacks to be looked at singularly by the public then fade away. Not anymore!  – Anonymous

We need MORE websites like yours to address this serious need! Thank you for standing up against the onslaught of misinformation and saying the truth!! Keep up your good work!!  – Anonymous

Thank you for providing the public with accurate information. I think it's very helpful for the public who believe that it's all the irresponsible owner to read some of these stories. Many of these dogs have not been treated cruelly nor seen a dog fighter. I appreciate your work for the victims human and animal who take a back seat to the pit bull fanatics.  – Anonymous

Congratulations Colleen Lynn. Thank you for giving the victims a voice and a place on the web. This takes a lot of courage, you've got it!  – Tegenpitjes

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for running this site. There is an enormous amount of pro-pit baloney out there these days. Thank you for speaking the truth and running this site. I am so tired of morons with pit bulls, spayed or neutered or not, on chains or well loved, these animals go off all the time. I can only imagine the amount of asinine attacks from self-blinding people you must deal with on a daily basis. You're awesome for doing so.  – Harperguy

This site is run responsibly, by someone who believes in a cause, and uses the legal and logical tools in her toolbox to get her job done. To be threatened or harassed by people who have no such scruples is a horrible thing. This site won't come down, and its owner's friends will continue to offer whatever support we can to help see her continue to work at her goals, safely and securely.  – Chris

"WE" are the group that's speaking out, by using this platform Colleen Lynn has provided for us. Everyday our numbers grow. The more victims the better our chance of stopping these "people" from making neighborhoods unsafe. It is the "people" making use of these dogs to make their neighbors live in fear.  – David

Thank you to for having the courage to tackle the for-profit breeder lobby and dogfighters who are behind a lot of the pro-pit propaganda ... Ms Lynn, I believe, will now become a target for harassment by the bully breed lobby. I hope this organization will update the public on any threats to Ms. Lynn's safety, and expose the real character of the breeders and owners of these dogs.  – Anonymous