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Dangerous dog breed ordinances

Pit Bull Ordinances in Colorado
City Website View Ordinance Type of Ordinance
Aurora Section: 14-75 Bans: pit bulls (Aurora formerly banned all fighting breeds)
Broomfield Section: 6-24-010 Bans: wolf-dog hybrids
Commerce City Section: 4-2011 Bans: pit bulls
Denver Section: 8-55 Bans: pit bulls
model ordinance
Fort Lupton Section: 7-241 Bans: pit bulls
Lone Tree Section: 10-7-90 Bans all fighting breeds: pit bulls, American bulldogs, dogo argentinos, canary dogs, presa mallorquins, tosa inus, cane corsos and fila brasilairos
Louisville Section: 6.12.60 and 6.12.150 Bans: pit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids

Ordinances last verified as active on December 15, 2018