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Dangerous dog breed ordinances

Pit Bull Ordinances in Georgia
City Website View Ordinance Type of Ordinance
Blackshear Section: 10-3 Vicious bulldogs and bull terriers must be muzzled when off property
Clarkston Dog Park Rules Bans pit bulls and rottweilers from off leash city dog park
College Park Section: 4-21 Pit bulls, rottweilers, doberman pinschers and German shepherds decared "potentially dangerous"
Dawson News article Pit bulls decared "potentially dangerous"
Fitzgerald Section: 5-176 Restricts pit bulls and bans new pit bulls
Greensboro Section: 4-33 Bans new pit bulls
Hawkinsville Section: 4-22 Bans new pit bulls
Hogansville News article Restricts: pit bulls
LaFayette Section: 5-43 Pit bulls, rottweilers and chow chows declared "vicious"
LaGrange Section: 10-30-40, 10-30-45 Restricts: pit bulls, including mandatory sterilization
Lawrenceville Section: 30-109b Restricts: pit bulls
Lyons Section: 10-1 Pit bulls declared "vicious"
Marietta Section: 10-4-200 Pit bulls and rottweilers prohibited from dog parks or off-leash areas
Rockdale County Section: 8-25 Breeds not placed for public adoption through the county shelter include: pit bulls, rottweilers, mastiffs, chow chows, bulldog-types and shar peis
Rome Section: 4-1 Pit bulls declared "vicious"
Terrell County News article Pit bulls decared "potentially dangerous"
Trenton Section: 14-18 Pit bulls, rottweilers and chow chows declared "vicious"
West Point Section: 4-76 Pit bulls, presa canarios, rottweilers, chow chows, doberman pinschers, German shepherds and wolf-dog hybrids declared "potentially vicious"