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Dangerous dog breed ordinances

Pit Bull Ordinances in New York
City Website View Ordinance Type of Ordinance
Hornell Section: 135-24 Mandatory insurance: pit bulls
Larchmont Section: 97-21 Bans: pit bulls
Peekskill Section: 250-9 Pit bulls and rottweilers presumed "dangerous"
Town of LaGrange Section: 75-3 Bans: pit bulls and American bulldogs in off-leash parks
Village of Cornwall-On-Hudson Section: 69-4, 69-5 Restricts: pit bulls
Village of Hempstead Section: 57-13 Pit bulls declared "vicious"
Village of New Hyde Park Section: 80-3 Pit bulls declared "vicious"
Village of Pomona Section: 40-12, 40-13 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Village of Spring Valley Section: 71-14 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Village of Suffern Section: 122-6 Pit bulls declared "vicious"