August Special Session - Next Week

August 3, 2012

A new Special Session has been called for next Thursday in Annapolis.

     Delegate Curt Anderson, co-chair of the Pit Bull Task Force, has indicated that a strict liability bill will be introduced. If passed, the bill would remove landlord liability when a pit bull attacks for the first time in Maryland. Essentially -- as was the case previous to the Court's April ruling -- landlords will continue to have One Free Bite when a tenant's pit bull attacks unless another type of negligence can be proven.
     We will keep you updated as events progress.
     Again, even if the strict liability measure passes, there are many concerns regarding the January 2013 legislative session, primarily the introduction of a statewide anti-BSL measure and other revisions to the state’s existing Dangerous Dog law that likely will not benefit dog bite victims.
     What was included in the last email send out (below), is still true between now and and as the January 2013 session unfolds.

Key Legislators to Contact

At this stage and moving forward, it is important to correspond with the below legislators, two of which are also Task Force members, regarding issues pertaining to January 2013 legislation that will seek to prohibit breed-specific laws and "water down" dog bite victims' rights. Maryland constituents should also be in contact with their Senate and Delegate representatives.

Key Senate Members

Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.
President of Senate
Calvert and Prince George’s Counties

Sen. Brian Frosh (Task Force member)
Chair: Senate Judiciary Proceedings Committee
Montgomery County

Lisa Gladden (Task Force member)
Vice-chair Senate Judiciary Proceedings Committee
Baltimore City

Key House Members

Michael Erin Busch
Speaker of House of Delegates
Anne Arundel County
[email protected]

Joseph Vallario, Jr
Chair: House Judiciary Committee
Prince George’s County
[email protected]

Kathleen Dumais
Vice-chair: House Judiciary Committee
Montgomery County
[email protected]

Thank you for your supportive actions!

Visit: Maryland Dog Bite Victim Advocacy