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Dangerous dog breed ordinances

Pit Bull Ordinances in Michigan
City Website View Ordinance Type of Ordinance
Alma Section: 10-58 Pit bulls declared "vicious" by rebuttable presumption
Bessemer Township Section: 121 Bans: pit bulls
Buena Vista Charter Township News article Pit bulls and rottweilers declared "vicious"
Carson City Section: 19.401 Restricts: pit bulls
Center Line Section: 10-66 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Claybanks Township Ordinance 2004-18 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Dearborn Heights Section: 6-164 Restricts: pit bulls
Ecorse Section: 5-31 Bans: pit bulls
Grosse Pointe Woods Section: 6-94 Bans: pit bulls
Harper Woods Section: 4-28 Breeds considered "suspect as vicious and potentially dangerous:" akita, Alaskan malamute, pit bulls, boxer, bullmastiff, chow chow, dalmatian, doberman pinscher, English bull terrier, German shepherd, great dane, presa canario, Rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler, Siberian husky and wolf hybrid
Hartford Section: 92.01 Bans: pit bulls
Hazel Park 6.04.205 Pit bulls declared "dangerous" and require secure fencing, proof of homeowner's or renter's insurance and proof of a behavioral assessment
Highland Park City FAQ Bans: pit bulls
Kingsford Section: 8-121, 8-122 Bans: pit bulls
Lapeer Section: 3.08 Restricts: pit bulls
Melvindale Section: 4-138, 4-139 Bans: pit bulls
Moorland Township Section: 2.0, 2.1 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Morenci Section: 5-38 Pit bulls declared "vicious"
Mount Clemens 35.271, 35.273 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Muskegon Section: 6-1, 6-15 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Muskegon Heights Section: 14-1, 14-4 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Newaygo Section: 6-9 Pit bulls declared "vicious" by rebuttable presumption
Norton Shores Section: 6-82, 6-85 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Orchard Lake Village 10-86 Bans: pit bulls and wolf hybrids
Roosevelt Park Section: 6-2, 6-14 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Roscommon County Section: 3 Pit bulls declared "vicious" by rebuttable presumption
Saginaw Section: 94.11 Restricts top 5 most dangerous dog breeds - "Any dog of a breed that appears consistently in the top five (5) of the breeds on credible, analytical listings of 'Most Dangerous Dogs' as verified and supplemented by local data and records for Saginaw County."
Southgate Section: 610.14 Restricts: pit bulls
Sylvan Lake Section: 10-83 Bans: pit bulls
Tawas City Section: 4-1 Bans: pit bulls
Village of Birch Run Section: 90.03 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Village of Breckenridge Ordinance 144 Pit bulls declared "vicious" by rebuttable presumption
Village of Lakewood Club Ordinance 7-A Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
Waterford Township Section: 3-023 Bans: pit bulls
West Branch Section: 90.30 Bans: pit bulls
Ypsilanti Charter Township Section: 14-1 Mandatory sterilization: pit bulls

Ordinances last verified as active on July 27, 2017